We are strategists, storytellers and brand enthusiasts.
Our strategy is insightful. Our creative meaningful.
Our concentration is local, but our inspiration is universal.
We play hard, we work harder.
But most of all, we mean business.

We are the House of Public Notice.


We are a jeans-wearin', Mac-usin' team of marketers. And though we could talk about our diverse collection of skillsets, we'll save the yawns for bedtime. Because it really isn't about what we as individuals can do, it's about how we work together to develop customized solutions to your unique situations.

We don't care whether your company is big or small, a non-profit or a large corporation, retail or healthcare. Regardless of business filing or how big your sign is, we recognize that there are certain things that every company needs. Business strategy. Market share. Product development. Communications direction. Chances are you know where you need help, and we are here to give it.

Everything we do centers on getting you the biggest bang for your buck. Whether you need to boost company profits, take down the competition, reward your best customers, or increase your community presence, we know your marketing dollars are valuable. Our goal is to make each dollar you spend count, and we have the tools to make that happen.

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."

-Mark Twain


Is integrated marketing a term you're familiar with? We are. It happens to be our specialty. As a full-service marketing firm, we have a lot of capabilities that set us apart from the other guys. We can do a little or a lot, but we always find a solution that works for you.

We also understand that to be good marketers, we have to be good teachers. If you aren't sure what your market wants, we'll find out. If you don't know what marketing mix means let alone how to apply it, we'll show you. If you aren't sure what qualifies as good web design, we'll talk best practices with you. If you noticed the common denominator in all these things happens to be "you," well, you're right. To be effective at our jobs, we do a lot of listening before we start talking.

If you want to get an idea of the things that make us tick, check out our full list of capabilities here. We know it sounds like a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, but sometimes, that's what it takes. And trust us. We've got what it takes.

Our Approach

Obviously, we're simplifying things here. But you get the point. If you want a better idea of how we work our magic, stop in and say hello. Or if you're intrigued and have some time on your hands, click here to see all the things we can do.


1425 West Main St
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
T: 260.459.2525
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